BURGLARS BREAK-IN: Veteran’s Home Ransacked

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Des Moines police are looking for the burglars who ransacked a veteran`s home.

Neighbor Darrell Ferguson was house sitting and called police Monday morning. “I feel so darn bad for him. You know. I just feel bad," Ferguson said.

He says the owner is in the hospital recovering from colon cancer. Besides taking a couple of TVs from the home and some cash, the vandals also stole the owner`s Jeep.

Police were able to track down the Jeep about an hour later. But the two people inside ran off before police could catch them.

Police say the damage to the home will be costly. “It can really easily get into thousands of dollars. Even taking into account your hours, your time to spend cleaning up everything and then to fix things that have been damaged,” Sgt Jason Halifax said.

The mess burglars left behind may work to the advantage of investigators. Police say they have a better chance of finding fingerprints or DNA left behind at the home.

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