STATE PATROL: Responds To 30 Accidents

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Residential streets remain a concern Monday evening after a day of snow across central Iowa.

Several people started the week with a trip to the repair shop with several accidents reported and stranded vehicles along the roads.

Most were minor fender benders but regardless it seemed drivers weren’t prepared for what Mother Nature dished out.

It was slow moving all day on the interstate no matter which way you were heading.

Blowing snow along Interstate 35 near Huxley made for low visibility and dangerous driving conditions.

“When I’ve been driving outside it`s just been really slippery and I’ve been sliding all over and I lost control a few times my cars just been shaking on the road a lot,” driver Abby Miller said.

Along I-35 near the East Mixmaster a truck slid off the road and down a large hill coming to rest near some trees.

The driver was luckily able to walk away from the accident.

Sgt. Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol says accidents are happening because people are driving too fast for the current conditions.

“The speed limits are there when the roadways are dry in normal driving conditions, when you have a thin layer of ice and snow covered roadways that`s not normal driving conditions and people need to slow down.

Along I-235, tow trucks were picking up stranded vehicles to get them off the side of the roads, and a DOT worker was stopping to pick up debris left along the interstate from accidents.

Sgt. Bright recommends slowing down, allowing extra space to brake and extra time to get where you're going.

The state patrol responded to more than 30 accidents Monday.

If you get into an accident the state patrol recommends trying to move your vehicle to a safe location like a gas station before calling the police to make a report. This will help keep traffic moving and not cause some of the traffic jams.