DOMESTIC ASSAULT: DM Police Officer Arrested

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A Des Moines police officer who is supposed to put criminals behind bars finds himself in jail.

Police officer Cody Grimes was arrested Monday after a domestic abuse incident that allegedly happened last Friday.

Grimes’ ex-girlfriend says she was moving out of his home, but went back because he was drinking and wasn’t answering her phone calls.  She told police she let herself in, the two began arguing and that’s when she says Officer Grimes assaulted her.

“She had gone to his residence and she indicated to us that she was choked and thrown down a flight of stairs,” Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines Police Department said.

The 33-year-old officer is charged with domestic assault causing injury and remains in Polk County jail.  He is on paid administrative leave with the police department pending the outcome of the department’s internal investigation.


  • taylor

    Number one EX Girlfriend. Number two she moved out and came back because he was drinking and wouldn’t answer the phone. I’m not for men hitting women. Maybe it all would have never happened if she wouldn’t have went back after a break up and moving out. who wouldn’t drink over that situation?

  • Jake Moretti

    Crazy, This lowlife quick tempered idiot with a badge should be on Unpaid leave. Us tax payers should not have to pay for him to hire expensive attorneys to get him out of trouble!!! One thing is for sure that whole DSM police department needs to be reorganized” Ever since bradshaw took over it has been nothing but a mess……..


    Obviously his ex, he didn’t want to see her, he blocked her texts. She should have stayed away. I don’t encourage or condone men throwing women down stairs, but she should have left him alone.

  • Brian Preston

    Never should have to hit a woman, but my guess is this girl comes back and walks into his house, taunts him, calls him every name in the book, and he finally snaps after being upset over the break up and intoxicated to boot. Can see this happening to anyone I know whether it’s right or wrong.

  • Lisa

    What’s wrong with this picture? They are broken up, she knows he is drinking, she let’s herself in. Hmm she sounds to me like she was looking for an excuse to start something. I am sick of people throwing police officers under the bus. I know their are a few bad but their are a many that are good. To me the people who have problems with police officers are the ones that have broken the law and got caught. I am a female and I have witnessed an ex-wife of an upstanding police officer beat herself up due to him catching her cheat on him and then threw him under the bus to keep the kids in the divorce. She later was arrested for a false police report and waiting for a second one to be filed. Please their are some crazy women out there that like to destroy the police officer. I could go on and on here but I have experienced this activity for 5 years. So please when you want to beat a good man down you need to look at the other person as well.

  • Josh Bethune

    Another bully behind the badge if you ask me. When does it end? They think they can get this “god” complex and do whatever they want because they are cops. Uhhh no. Your not above the law bud. Hope you get the book thrown at ya.

  • Georgia

    I personally watched Cody Grimes repeatedly kicked a man in the ribs and break several of them, after he had him handcuffed, on the ground and arrested for something he didn’t even do. I watched the entire incident in horror. This guy is a menace and should be removed from the police force and not allowed to handle a weapon ever again. He clearly forgets that he actually is a civil servant and works for US to protect and serve. He does neither of those things. Cody Grimes has a very large ego and a temper and believes he can do anything he wants because he is a cop.

    • Brad Hinske

      Ha! I know who you are talking about and the dude was resisting. Keep spewing lies.

      Oh yeah, ex girlfriend is a whack job, don’t let the media sway your judgement. Innocent until proven guilty. Read the police report, she made up injuries and later said she didn’t have them.

      • Georgia

        Actually, you DON’T know who I am talking about. This happened several years ago and nobody else was around except for me so there is no way you would know.

        I read the police report.

  • Georgia

    Actually, you DON’T know who I am talking about. This happened several years ago and nobody else was around except for me so there is no way you would know.

    I read the police report.

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