DOMESTIC ASSAULT: DM Police Officer Arrested

cody grimes

A Des Moines police officer who is supposed to put criminals behind bars finds himself in jail.

Police officer Cody Grimes was arrested Monday after a domestic abuse incident that allegedly happened last Friday.

Grimes’ ex-girlfriend says she was moving out of his home, but went back because he was drinking and wasn’t answering her phone calls.  She told police she let herself in, the two began arguing and that’s when she says Officer Grimes assaulted her.

“She had gone to his residence and she indicated to us that she was choked and thrown down a flight of stairs,” Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines Police Department said.

The 33-year-old officer is charged with domestic assault causing injury and remains in Polk County jail.  He is on paid administrative leave with the police department pending the outcome of the department’s internal investigation.


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