SLIPPERY ROADS: Officials Urge Caution

Slick road conditions because of falling snow led to some major traffic issues in Des Moines’ metro Monday.

The Iowa State Patrol says traffic on I-80 westbound/I-35 southbound near Second Avenue was backed up because of multiple accidents for about an hour and a half Monday around the noon hour.

The Iowa DOT says conditions improved in the area around 1:00 p.m. and traffic is now moving smoothly.

“It was very unpredictable what happened this morning, we had snow that came in and hit the roadways and froze.  We had a thin layer of ice which caused dangerous driving conditions for the public,” Sgt. Scott Bright said.

Sgt. Bright added drivers were going too fast for the road conditions and sliding around, hitting other vehicles and the barriers along the road. People are being advised to drive cautiously.

You can monitor road conditions here.


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