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STANDOFF OVER: Man Dead After Day-Long Incident

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Neighbors living south of Waukee High School spent a tense Monday wondering what was happening at a home at 1410 Rosenkranz. A woman called police to say her 48-year-old husband was drunk, suicidal, had two weapons and needed help. She left the home. Authorities arrived shortly after 12:30a.m.

Waukee Police Lt. Troy Mapes said officers talked to the man for nearly three hours on and off while they stood outside the couple's home and the man stayed inside. But they determined the man wasn't going to come out. Mapes said negotiators then spent hours talking to the man, hoping to convince him to come out of the home peacefully.

Neighbor Steve Bott watched numerous metro law enforcement teams positioned around the area. Bott said, "It was pretty it was one of those deals where I just stayed in the house and watched out the windows."

Bott decided to stay in and not take his black Labrador on their usual 2-mile walk because of the tense situation outside. Police had warned neighbors to stay indoors. They offered security escorts if neighbors needed to leave the home.

Shortly after 2pm, nearly 14 hours after the standoff began, law enforcement moved into the home with a canine unit after negotiations had ceased. Mapes said the man had shot himself. Bott said, "It's pretty horrific."

Mapes said the man had actually come out twice during the ordeal. Mapes said, "He came out and was holding a weapon. But he was not confrontational in any way to the officers or anyone else in the public."

But both times the man went back into the home.

The man was a father but police say there weren't any children in the home during the standoff.


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