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TEEN BEATEN: Attackers Brag About It Online

A 16-year old Des Moines boy has been in the hospital since he was attacked by three teens on Sunday. But police shouldn’t have a hard time charging the alleged attackers because they bragged about it online.

“The people that were there said that he sucker punched him from the side of the head and knocked him down and proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious,” the victim’s mother, Stacie Weldon, said.

“After he beat him unconscious him and his two other friends started beating on him. Then after he came to, they repeatedly beat on him until he was unconscious again,” Weldon added.

The victim, 16-year old Nathan Rogers of Des Moines suffered several broken bones in his face after he was lured to a house and gang beaten by three cowardly teens. But the teens have more brawn than brains – a video of the attack was sent to other teens online, and the three bragged about the attack on Facebook, with one boasting, “I broke some kid.”

“[The attackers] didn’t feel sorry about it. You didn’t feel sorry one bit. You don’t feel sorry about doing something like that and then Facebook for the whole world to see,” Weldon aimed at the suspects. “I hope these kids go to jail and I hope they go to jail for a long time.”

No arrests have been made, but the victim’s mother plans to talk with detectives on Thursday about the case. We are not releasing the suspect’s names because they have not yet been charged and because they are juveniles.


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