APARTMENT FIRE: Injuries Reported In Burlington

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Four people and two firefighters are recovering after they were hurt during an apartment fire in Burlington Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning, firefighters found smoke pouring from the windows of the apartment building. First responders pulled a man out of the basement.

Another man was trapped inside and crews quickly got him out too.

One firefighter was underneath a ceiling when it collapsed. Thankfully his injuries were minor, he even went back to fighting the fire after he was treated.

It was a dangerous fire made worse by the cold weather.

“With the temperatures we had it in was in the 12-14 degree range. So, as the guys would go in work with the lines get wet, come back out you literally start to freeze. Your gear starts to freeze on you,” says Battalion Chief Kenneth Morris with the Burlington Fire Department.

Paramedics took two people and one firefighter to the hospital but they have all been released. Two other people inside the apartments were treated at the scene.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire.