TEEN ATTACKED: Culprits Have ‘History Of Bullying’

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The teens who allegedly beat a 16-year old unconscious and bragged about it on Facebook apparently have a history of bullying.

On Wednesday, we told you about Nathan Rogers, a 16-year-old Des Moines boy who was hospitalized after his mother says he was lured to a house and brutally beaten by three other teens.

"The people that were there said that he sucker punched him from the side of the head and knocked him down and proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious," Nathan's mother, Stacie Weldon, told Channel 13.

The three then bragged about the attack on Facebook. We're not identifying them because of their age, but one kid wrote "My [n-word, then the attacker's name] just knocked this [n-word] out twice." And then later wrote, "I think my hands are broken," after he apparently continued to beat the then unconscious teen.

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Another teen simply bragged, "I broke some kid."

"Kids there, they videotaped it, Snapchated it out to probably over a hundred people is what one girl said," Weldon said.

This isn't the first time these same kids apparently used social media to terrorize a teen.

Hunter Stoneburner, a gay 16-year-old who attends East High School with two of the three alleged attackers, says a few weeks ago, he was also a target of their violence. "Started getting on me about being gay and all this harassment started with all these people posting pictures like 'ha, you're gay' and all this other stuff," Hunter says.

Then came the online threats, "I was just really scared to see what would happen to me with all these people saying they were gonna jump me and stuff."

Hunter's mother says she took pictures of the Facebook threats to the school and to the school resource officer.

"I was pretty upset," Kristy Stoneburner said. "[I] went up to the office, talked to the officer up there, told him I wanted to file harassment charges. He said there wasn't enough evidence to do it. I'm like, well what does my son have to be beat first before anything's gonna happen?"

Hunter's administrator at East High School, that's the person that would have handled any complaints, was out of town today so the principal says he's not sure what, if any action was taken

Des Moines police also aren't saying much about Nathan's case, and whether the teens who allegedly attacked him will be arrested.

"Police will arrest someone when they have enough evidence to arrest them," police Sergeant Daniel Blom said.

Hunter's mother wonders why police aren't doing more. "I feel that if there was a police report made on the two boys that were involved in Hunters incident that were involved with Nate's, maybe Nate wouldn't have got beat up like he did."

Since our story aired Wednesday, a Facebook page supporting Nathan has been set up by friends of his family. At the time of posting, the page has over 8,000 likes.


      • Kevin Urquhart

        Ok you do that and tell me how it works out when 3 corn fed teens jump you. what would you do to the teens? slap on the hand..lol! teens that are repeat offenders with no remorse deserve no sympathy. I say let them be beat till unconscious and beyond. let the punishment fit the crime.

  • Caitlind Brumbaugh

    That’s the problem the Des Moines Public Schools now a days, the teachers and administrators don’t care about the students anymore, they don’t care if children are getting bullied.

    Take South East Polk for example (I know its in a different district) kids have been killing themselves over bullying and staff there haven’t done anything when they saw the signs…

    I was harassed by my administrator at East High School when I told them I wanted to switch schools. The administrator there had the School Resource officer follow me around, each time I was suspended he was present, within 2 weeks after telling her that I wanted to switch schools I was suspended 3 times

    Once for supposed smoking which I was 18 and nothing they could have done if I was.

    They had suspended me for supposedly skipping class when I was coming back from class at Central Academy.

    And lastly I had lost my school i.d in the morning when I was dropped off, I was looking for it after coming back from Central, they had the school resource officer come down to the corner of E 14th and Walker where I normally am dropped off and issue me a loitering ticket.And for that I was suspended for also.

    So in short East High School staff doesn’t care about what happens to their students… Its not just the other students that bully them it is also a lot of the staff there, I mean a few of the teachers actually do care, but most don’t and it shows in their teaching and guidance.

    • Donna

      This is what happens when it takes both parents to work to support the family. To, to much time and to much unsupervised energy . Kids are going to the Dark Side for KICKS!!!!!

  • Diane smith

    Can’t this be concidered a hate crime? Was this a race issue? Everyone needs to look at the new “game” that is being played around the country against white people called “knockout”. This is where white victims are targeted and someone or a group goes up and beats them till they are unconscious. Sure sounds like it if they made him pass out twice! I wonder if that played any part in this at all? Sickening. They need tried as adults and anyone passing the pictures around need in trouble as well as people watching that did nothing!

    • Chris

      A hate crime, maybe, if they were all of a different race. Don’t quote the “knockout” game as if you know what it is. Your description was completely inaccurate. The “knockout” game is where a young adult tries to KO a stranger with one punch, not pound on a kid until they are out.

  • Kim andrews

    You never should have listed the school out there in the news report u just placed a bigger target on both kids back!!!!!!!!!!! How insensitive r u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caitlind Brumbaugh

      No Its not making them more of a target, it will just bring more of an awareness of the situation.

  • Blake

    I respectfully disagree with the sentiment on Des Moines having a “teen negro problem.” As a black citizen, I consider that extremely disrespectful. White teens, Asian teens, and Latino teens are just as capable of committing senseless acts of bullying and terror (we see it on television daily). These kids don’t do these things because of the color of their skin, but because there is something going on at home, at school, or elsewhere in their lives that tell them this type of behavior is okay. That’s our job as an adult to fix, and if we can’t amend it philosophically, then prosecution should be the next option to protect the other kids suffering from this violence.

    Don’t generalize behavior based on race. It’s only going to make it okay for these teens to do the same, and then things like this happen.

    • Brian

      “I respectfully disagree with the sentiment on Des Moines having a “teen negro problem.” As a black citizen, I consider that extremely disrespectful. White teens, Asian teens, and Latino teens are just as capable of committing senseless acts of bullying and terror”
      Unfortunately, in Des Moines, a very small portion of the population is responsible for the vast majority of the violent crime. While non-black teens are just as capable of committing such crimes, the fact is they are only responsible for a very small portion of teenage violent crime, which is shocking considering how small the black minority is in the greater Des Moines metro.

      Pretending it isn’t a problem is not going to solve anything, and ignoring it because it is an uncomfortable topic certainly isn’t helping the rest of the black community, most of whom I’m guessing are appalled by what they are seeing.

    • Rocco

      I could care less what’s going on in their so called homes and spare us “it takes a village” bollocks.
      I shed nary a tear for these people.

      Good grief with all the free give-away programs, scholarships, set asides, hiring, housing, or grants that the govt. has fostered the last 45 years for these people its amazing 99% are not Harvard educated by now and part of some uber-elite sub-sect of our US population.
      Still they retain this genetic disposition for wanton violence and destruction against humans.
      Quite an odd trait I should say.

  • Diane Smith

    Well unfortunately is MIGHT be a race issue if they decided they were playing the knockout game honey. Look that up. It’s not white kids playing that Sweethart. Hope to God that’s not part of this. At any rate they need to lock these little punks up for good. They are gonna kill someone and not even care. Sorry but someone that goes to this extreme I don’t believe in the “poor troubled kid” story. Screw that!

    • Dinamyst

      I remember when this Knock Out game thing first stared. I saw a clip on the internet of it. What I saw was a 19-20 year old male bashing a 19-20 year old female up against the side of the head knocking her out. so before all of the racist comments start. you need to do your research…. just sayin’.

  • LeDoyle Pingel

    The pictures and facebook postings leave little doubt. Too bad the pictures were edited to hide their faces. The hoodies hid the rest as well, but hands showed. Often the police refuse to charge attackers if there is a racial element. Look up “polar bear hunting” and “knock out game”. There is even a book documenting the epidemic of racial attacks. Search the web for “White Girl Bleed A Lot”. This has to stop. Otherwise fed up people will take the law into their own hands.

  • Tie

    Des Moines Iowa school district doesn’t do anything to people being bullied and if kids do pick on kids and the student tries to defend there self they get suspended too!

  • lies

    Oh this kid. the one that was bullied?

    From his Facebook page. feel free to read it it is public. so who should feel bullied.

    About Hunter
    I may not be your friend u may be my worst nightmare but i dont care because one day u r gonna need my help and im gonna be scared to help u but i wil and one day im gonna need your help but u r just gonna walk away…. and thats when i pull out a gun and shoot u in the heart and say “hope that taught u a lesson” and when u get to the hospital i will be waiting there dressed as a doctor and when nobody is in the room i will come in nock u out and shoot u in the head and jump out the window!!!!! it makes u wish u would have helped me but i guess its to late now!!!!!!!!!

    SO………………………………………………………now what? people just want to talk and talk and talk and have no idea what they are talking about?
    Ever read your kids face book page? ever go look their friends? full time job people btw. How many of your kids are the ones offering up drugs. BTW some of these kid’s pages are devoted full time to “going mobile” and getting people a “bag” if you don’t know what that means have your kid tell you.

  • Blake

    Hate in the heart of the oppressed spawns hatred in the heart of the oppressor and vice versa. With attitudes like the comments shown above, no wonder these kids feel the way they do and act out the way they do. Not condoning said behavior, just acknowledging that there may be a reason behind it.


  • Amber Bandicoot

    Nice to see the story is still being scrubbed of the key details: the “TEENS” are BLACK and the victims are WHITE. / “Justice for Nathan” has 8k “Likes”. So what? If it’s eight or eight thousand, what’s the difference? You’re using this as a distraction from another black-on-white racist gang-hate attack for the amusment of blacks who’ve grown up w/ a sense of historical grievance, entitlement, and victimhood. These worthless losers’ll be back on the www w/ their mugshots when they get matriculated at the Greybar University, like 90% of their brethern.

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