TEEN ATTACKED: Culprits Have ‘History Of Bullying’

The teens who allegedly beat a 16-year old unconscious and bragged about it on Facebook apparently have a history of bullying.

On Wednesday, we told you about Nathan Rogers, a 16-year-old Des Moines boy who was hospitalized after his mother says he was lured to a house and brutally beaten by three other teens.

“The people that were there said that he sucker punched him from the side of the head and knocked him down and proceeded to beat him until he was unconscious,” Nathan’s mother, Stacie Weldon, told Channel 13.

The three then bragged about the attack on Facebook. We’re not identifying them because of their age, but one kid wrote “My [n-word, then the attacker's name] just knocked this [n-word] out twice.” And then later wrote, “I think my hands are broken,” after he apparently continued to beat the then unconscious teen.

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Another teen simply bragged, “I broke some kid.”

“Kids there, they videotaped it, Snapchated it out to probably over a hundred people is what one girl said,” Weldon said.

This isn’t the first time these same kids apparently used social media to terrorize a teen.

Hunter Stoneburner, a gay 16-year-old who attends East High School with two of the three alleged attackers, says a few weeks ago, he was also a target of their violence. “Started getting on me about being gay and all this harassment started with all these people posting pictures like ‘ha, you’re gay’ and all this other stuff,” Hunter says.

Then came the online threats, “I was just really scared to see what would happen to me with all these people saying they were gonna jump me and stuff.”

Hunter’s mother says she took pictures of the Facebook threats to the school and to the school resource officer.

“I was pretty upset,” Kristy Stoneburner said. “[I] went up to the office, talked to the officer up there, told him I wanted to file harassment charges. He said there wasn’t enough evidence to do it. I’m like, well what does my son have to be beat first before anything’s gonna happen?”

Hunter’s administrator at East High School, that’s the person that would have handled any complaints, was out of town today so the principal says he’s not sure what, if any action was taken

Des Moines police also aren’t saying much about Nathan’s case, and whether the teens who allegedly attacked him will be arrested.

“Police will arrest someone when they have enough evidence to arrest them,” police Sergeant Daniel Blom said.

Hunter’s mother wonders why police aren’t doing more. “I feel that if there was a police report made on the two boys that were involved in Hunters incident that were involved with Nate’s, maybe Nate wouldn’t have got beat up like he did.”

Since our story aired Wednesday, a Facebook page supporting Nathan has been set up by friends of his family. At the time of posting, the page has over 8,000 likes.


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