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CHEMICAL SPILL: Acids Cause Ames Gas Cloud

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A portion of Highway 30 in Ames is open again after being closed because of a chemical spill Friday.

The road, which had been closed between South Duff Ave. to South Dakota Ave., re-opened around 1:15 p.m.

The Ames Fire Department was called around 11:35 a.m. because of a spill at 2325 North Loop Drive, at the ISU Research Park. The building has been evacuated.

Officials say the company Biova was receiving a delivery of sulfuric acid. It appears the sulfuric acid was accidentally poured into a tank of hydrochloric acid, causing a gas cloud to form.

Ames Police say a stretch of Highway 30 was closed for around an hour and a half because the gas cloud was being blown across the highway by the wind.

The fire department misted the gas cloud with water to help it dissipate.

Crews are still working to cap the tank and contain any further gas release.

According to Ames Police, the driver of the delivery van did suffer some injuries and is being treated.

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  • Rebecca Hergert

    I couldn’t seem to get out of Ames this morning. Everything was block-off.
    Like Dan Rather said, ‘You can get in the City-(Cedar Rapids) but you can’t get out of the city. (1986-explosion??) can’t recall.

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