DRIVING TIPS: Get Prepared During Cold Snap

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The Iowa State Patrol says drivers need to be prepared for the worst during any trip in extreme cold, even just driving to work.

Troopers say your car should have at least half a tank of gas. You should also pack that familiar winter driving kit in your trunk with water, blankets and gloves.

The most important piece of advice troopers have for drivers is if you broke down, stay put.

“The worst thing you can do is have people leave your car,” Lt. Randy Kunert with the State Patrol advised. “Because obviously with the low temperatures coming, usually 30-minutes or sometimes even less people can suffer from severe frostbite in those types of conditions.”

Don’t just bring your mobile phone with you, make sure it is fully charged or you have a charger in your car.

The wind chill by the end of the weekend is expected to plummet to -40.