EXTREME COLD: Keeping Pets Safe


Temperatures in the Des Moines metro are expected to dip to 10 to 15 degrees below zero next week, but the Animal Rescue league says it is already getting calls about pets in the cold.

To avoid a visit from Animal Control, there are some things you can do. Make sure outside pets have a warm shelter. That means an insulated dog house with straw inside. A flap on the entrance will help block the wind. Don’t use blankets as they tend to freeze.

Water must be kept unfrozen at all times.

People should also, provide a high-calorie diet for their pets. Animals burn a lot of calories trying to stay warm.

If you’re in Des Moines and need help keeping your dog warm call 473-9111. If you are concerned about an animal’s welfare contact Animal Control at 283-4811. Those who live outside of Des Moines can call the local police department.

The ARL says the best thing to do is to bring pets indoors during the extreme cold, even if it’s just during the overnight hours.


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