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TARGET BEATEN: Students Celebrate Acts Of Kindness

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Students at Baxter Elementary School reached their goal of performing more than 1,000 acts of kindness.

The students surpassed their target by doing 1,598 acts that are recorded on stars hanging up in the lunch room.

The students began the challenge in early December. Teachers hid magic wands in their classrooms. The students who found the wands were instructed to do three good deeds.

“I candy cane bombed the parking lot. And that would be putting candy canes all over the cars in the parking lot,” Cainan Travis said of his good deed.

While Bree Bruswell said, “I helped the animal rescue league. At Jolly Holiday Lights I had a hot chocolate stand and I was selling hot chocolate to all the people. And all the money that I got went to the animal shelter.”

The school celebrated its achievements by having an assembly Friday afternoon.