MAN ATTACKED: Vicious Dog Up For Adoption

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Authorities say a man who was walking his dog fell victim to a stray pit bull that attacked them on a residential street.

The dog is now at the Boone County Humane Society but authorities are trying to figure out what to do next.

Chief Deputy, Rick Lampe, with the Boone County Sherriff’s office says, “When my officer arrived they found that the dog being walked by the couple was attacked by a pit bull that came out of nowhere.”

The report states the pit bull first bit the dog on the leash. Lampe noted the dog that was bitten was “bleeding profusely.” The report goes on to say, as one of the owners stepped in to break up the attack, he was also bitten.

As a result, authorities say they are looking for the pit bull’s owner.

“This dog had no collar so we don`t know who the dog belongs too and no one has stepped forward to claim the dog.”

Lampe says incidents like this have happened recently and they’ve had to enforce the county's vicious dog ordinance, which says in part, "In the event the animal is found at large and unattended on public property, the animal control officer may seize the animal.”

The dog is being kept in isolation at the Boone County Humane Society for ten days. However if the owner doesn’t claim the pup by next week, the dog will be placed for adoption.

Animal control experts say not many people are looking to adopt vicious pets. Josh Colvin with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the added responsibility is not fair to the owners or the dog.

“The dog has done it for a reason. You're now placing that dog into a whole new environment and a whole new owner, so it’s basically letting the dog fail and we obviously don`t want to do that either.”

If no one adopts the dog and continues violent behavior, the humane society could euthanize the animal.


  • Rocco

    You DO NOT put dogs who bite up for adoption you idiots.
    You kill them.
    Plain and simple.
    Humane society is a joke at times.

  • Darrin Stephens

    Simply put, border collies do not herd sheep because they are raised on sheep farms; rather, they are raised on sheep farms because they herd. In addition pointers point, retrievers retrieve, and mastiffs guard, all because those traits are part of their breed expectations, meaning strong and continuous selection in the underlying breeding program ”

    Simply put Pit bulls do not attack because they are raised with dog fighters and drug dealers, dog fighters and drug dealers use pit bulls because they attack!

    It is their nature, their genetic truth and reality.!!
    It is not how you raise them rather it is simply what they are.!!

    Just like sled dogs run and pull, it is just their nature.!!

    • Valerie

      If what you say is true, then why are there MILLIONS of pit bulls who DON’T attack people?? Have you ever considered that? Have you also considered the possibility the smaller dog started the fight between the two dogs, and the owners aren’s copping to it? That it might not be the pit’s fault? Or have you considered HOW COMPLETELY STUPID IT IS TO TRY AND BREAK UP A DOG FIGHT???? Of COURSE the owners got bit!!!! ANYONE who tries to break up ANY dog fight IS GOING TO GET BIT!

      • Sandra

        I can answer your question,but can’t make you understand the answer.Any pet owner who truly loves their pet would not hesitate to come to their pets defense.I would not hesitate in the least.I am prepared to do so.Pocket knife,golf club and when I go walking my dogs who always on a leash and if it means I get bit so be it.

      • Brenda Grant

        Well, say the owner didn’t try to save his dog, and get attacked..nobody wants the trauma of helplessly watching their dog torn apart by a pit bulldog either!

  • Darrin Stephens

    A pit bull type dog is what it is and does what it is.You can no more alter it genetic makeup then you can a collies to herd, a hounds to track, a retriever’s to retrieve, a labs to swim, a pointers to point, a sled dog to run and pull.

    They do what they are and a pit bull type dog is a mauling violent killer that has been bred to be a land shark, nothing you do can change that, even if you have them from birth.

    No matter if you love them, or how you nurture, train, rehabilitate, raise them optimally as normal dogs from birth, you can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

    For over 600 years the current pit bull type dog was brought into being through careful selective genetic breeding to create the most violent murderous fighting dog possible.

  • Darrin Stephens

    In Calgary, by Bill Bruce’s own admission and documentation, pit bulls lead the serious bite count with 13% of the city’s serious bites attributable to pit bulls, yet pit bulls account for less than 1% of the city’s dogs.

    In fact, pit bulls are responsible for nearly as many serious bites (13%) as the ENTIRE sporting breeding category (15%), which includes all of the most popular breeds (Labs, Goldens, Poodles, Spaniels, etc) and houses 70% of Calgary’s dogs.

    Why aren’t these breeds attacking in the face of irresponsible ownership?

  • Darrin Stephens

    Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.

    These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.

    There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.

    Ban the breed and end the deed.

  • Darrin Stephens

    Dogs are not humans, there is every reason to be threatened by a pit bull just because of what it is, no different then it would be to feel threatened by ANY bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. that you encountered, if they charged you then there would be justification to kill any of them if you were carrying, same thing with a pit bull, any pit pit bull.

    You can no more be biased or prejudiced against any pit bull then you can be so against any bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. so that is an absurd argument on the part of the nutters.

    That 4% of the dog population carries out 70%+ of the killings, mauling, crippling, disfiguring and dismembering attacks to such a disproportionate extent speaks for itself and to the genetic truth and reality that exists in any pit bull type dog, it is what it is and does what is in it’s DNA.This has been breed into them over 600 years and is their truth, they must therefore become extinct.

    Any other dog will bite and run giving you a few stitches, a pit bull will not stop till you are DEAD.What about that do you not understand, the difference between another dog’s bite and a pit bulls mauling and dismembering, disfiguring and killing.

  • Loba Art

    Any dog can get into a fight, but for a loose dog to “come out of nowhere” and attack without reasonable provocation is not normal, and it’s a clear sign that this dog is dangerous and potentially lethal. This dog should not be adopted out, period. Not only does this place people and pets in danger, it raises liability issues for the Boone County Humane Society and reflects poorly on animal shelters as a trustworthy source for a family pet. It also makes me wonder about the judgment of staff at Boone County Humane Society and raises questions the safety and stability of the other animals being offered for adoption there. It is incredibly unfortunate that someone permitted this dog to be aggressive or at large, but there’s no good outcome here. Accidents happen — gates get left open and dogs can escape. If this dog got loose, he could easily kill someone else’s pet. Pets are part of the family for many people. I urge Boone County Humane not to gamble with the safety of our pets.

    • Sandra

      Could not have said it better,just one thing id like to add why doesn’t Boone county humane society focus they’re efforts on dogs that haven’t attacked another animal or bitten someone else?Boone county animal humane is setting themselves up for huge future lawsuit and financial loss when it is proven that they adopted out a known dangerous dog and the $$ that couldve better spent on other homeless animals that have not attacked anyone will suffer because of it.

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