MAN ATTACKED: Vicious Dog Up For Adoption

Authorities say a man who was walking his dog fell victim to a stray pit bull that attacked them on a residential street.

The dog is now at the Boone County Humane Society but authorities are trying to figure out what to do next.

Chief Deputy, Rick Lampe, with the Boone County Sherriff’s office says, “When my officer arrived they found that the dog being walked by the couple was attacked by a pit bull that came out of nowhere.”

The report states the pit bull first bit the dog on the leash. Lampe noted the dog that was bitten was “bleeding profusely.” The report goes on to say, as one of the owners stepped in to break up the attack, he was also bitten.

As a result, authorities say they are looking for the pit bull’s owner.

“This dog had no collar so we don`t know who the dog belongs too and no one has stepped forward to claim the dog.”

Lampe says incidents like this have happened recently and they’ve had to enforce the county’s vicious dog ordinance, which says in part, “In the event the animal is found at large and unattended on public property, the animal control officer may seize the animal.”

The dog is being kept in isolation at the Boone County Humane Society for ten days. However if the owner doesn’t claim the pup by next week, the dog will be placed for adoption.

Animal control experts say not many people are looking to adopt vicious pets. Josh Colvin with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the added responsibility is not fair to the owners or the dog.

“The dog has done it for a reason. You’re now placing that dog into a whole new environment and a whole new owner, so it’s basically letting the dog fail and we obviously don`t want to do that either.”

If no one adopts the dog and continues violent behavior, the humane society could euthanize the animal.


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