EMPTY STORES: Cold Day Keeping Customers Away

On Sundays many families do their weekly grocery shopping in the afternoon.

But the cold weather prompted many people to stock up on food on Saturday instead, when temperatures stayed above zero.

“Yesterday was insanely busy. We had tons of customers we were also doing inventory it was just hectic in here," said Linn’s Supermarket employee Christy Browning.

Employees at Linn’s Supermarket said this weekend has been filled with extremes with the customers. On Saturday, this supermarket was packed but by Sunday many of the aisles stayed empty.

Local grocery stores like Linn’s are affected even more than your average supermarket store, because many of their customers walk or bike here.

But the cold weather didn't stop everyone.

“I don't think it's that cold today. I mean the sun is shining and there's nothing falling from the sky," said customer Janice Bittner.

Employees said everyone had something different to say on the weather, but on a day like today, that's all people seem to talk about.

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