FLIGHT DELAYED: Winter Weather Causing Problems

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The deep freeze and snow from last week's Nor'easter storm has cancelled more than one-thousand flights with several thousand more delayed.

One Des Moines visitor fell victim to the delay and is now looking for his ticket out of the Midwest.

There's something about the holidays Trevor Smith doesn't dare miss. Now living in New York City, Trevor doesn’t make it back home to Ames except for a couple days over Christmas each year, but that's now turned into an extended stay.

“I’m kinda at the point where I’m ready for my vacation to be over," Smith said.

Smith was supposed to fly out of Des Moines on Thursday but was told his flight out east was canceled.

“Well I was actually pretty thrilled because I was supposed to go into work the next day and it was the perfect excuse for me to not have to work," he said.

Smith’s excitement quickly faded. The historic nor'easter that has shut down entire cities and made travel near impossible, is keeping Smith in Iowa until Sunday.

“It's been really good but I’m also missing own bed, missing the city and being back there and my normal routine," he said.

The Des Moines Airport has already canceled and delayed nearly a dozen flights out east, none with a direct flight to New York. Smith now has a layover scheduled in Chicago Sunday afternoon, where the city is expected to see up to 10 inches of snow overnight

“It's probably gonna be a nightmare tomorrow and it’s been a nightmare for a lot of people," he said.

However, the delay is valuable time. Just ask his mother, Connie Bappe.

“We don`t get to see Trevor often enough, so we love having him home," Bappe said.

The airport said travelers should give themselves plenty of time before the flight is scheduled to take off and encouraged people to check the status of flights on the airline's website beforehand.