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HOUSE FIRE: Ames Firefighters Battling Fire And Cold

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Firefighters in Ames battled the extreme cold and heat Sunday evening as they fought to put out a house fire.

The fire started around 5:45 p.m. Sunday on the 1,200-block of Northwestern Avenue, just south of 13th Street. Crews arriving found the flames surrounding the chimney of the home.

Crews said the fire likely started in a wall behind the fireplace.

Firefighters said extra precautions have to be taken when they respond to fires in the low temperatures.

“In Iowa, we’re used to the cold, but with the wind, it does make it a little bit hard.  We’re rotating crews to make sure they’re safe,” said

Officials said everyone made it out of the house safely, including the pets.  The damage to the home is estimated at $16,000.