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POWER RESTORED: Outage Reported Sunday

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Some people in the Des Moines metro had to face the cold without power on Sunday.

At 5:30 p.m., around 4,800 customers lost power in Grimes, Johnston, and Urbandale.

Officials say wind blew debris into a transformer at a substation in Johnston causing the power outage. Power came back on at around 7:00 p.m.

Around 9:00 p.m., power went out again — this time knocking out electricity for nearly 7,400 customers. The power is back on for those customers.


  • Dave T

    The following are ways to get ready for this sub-zero weather, especially if you were to lose electricity. WHOTV will you forward this information for Iowans to get ready for this extreme weather?
    I bought my wife a backpack full of emergency supplies for Christmas. I did not have to buy each emergency supply item separately. It was already packaged in one container or backpack. I found this backpack at an outdoor recreation store placed on the shelf smartly to where I can find it.
    Some of the items within this backpack includes, high calorie food bars, emergency blankets, vinyl tube tent, These items could be set up within your home in case of a power outage. The benefit of buying one backpack with all the supplies in it, you only have to grab this one item then place it in the trunk. Then your car has everything you need before heading out into these sub-zero weather.
    I did also buy my wife a two-way radio with a weather/hazards broadcasts access to it. Some of them come with a flashlight built in. Perhaps you may reach EMTs with this two way radio if you get stuck in your car.
    I had trouble finding a solar powered cell phone batteries recharger. They said I had to buy the solar powered cell phone charger on line. This did not come with the backpack. In addition, I had to go to 2 stores to buy this emergency backpack and the Two-way radios.
    WHOTV, will you find a supply store that has these emergency supplies together, then put this link and address to where Iowans can buy to get ready for this bad weather. Then people will be prepared for power outages and in case they are stuck on the roads due to car problems. It just may save lives,

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