HOT BUSINESS: Tanning Salons See Boom

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A full day below zero had some Iowans dreaming of escaping to some sunny locale.

Others opted for the next best thing, artificial sun.

The freezing weather created a business boom for tanning salons. At Sun Seekers Tan Spa in Des Moines, clients have been flocking in to escape the chilly temps.

On Monday, more than 100 people came in to get a tan and a handful of new clients signed up for services.

Co-owner Lara Nance says they love when the temperatures start to drop because that means business will pick up.

“It always gets really busy, everybody is tired of being cold, they come in and say ‘oh I just want to get warm,’ and they come on in and they`re all nice and happy when they leave,” Nance said.

The business boom is also a cost saver for tanning salons.

Nance says during busy winter days she doesn’t even need to turn on the furnace because the beds produce so much heat.


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