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Paul Rhoads made a splash hire to run the Cyclones offense - Mark Mangino.

Mangino won National Coach of the Year at Kansas, leading the Jayhawks to #2 ranking and a hard to believe 12 wins in 2007.

Kansas forced Mangino out two years later amid allegations of treating players harshly.

Rhoads says he looked into that, and he's not concerned. Adding he wanted Mangino from the start.

“There’s a lot of folks very excited about it and for good reason. He’s the first person to win assistant coach of the year awards and head coach of the year awards. He did things at Kansas that haven’t been duplicated since and never had been done before,” Rhoads said.

Mangino will work under a two year contract and joins Lou Ayeni who was appointed the new running backs coach. Ayeni comes from Toledo.


  • William Denison

    Wow a great big over eater to have to look at while trying to watch ISU win a game. Both Rhoades and this News Years day float need to take a walk so ISU can have a winning season again.

  • Rocco

    Why hire him you say?
    Because he can get results.
    Big deal he hurt the fragile feelings of some coddled college athletes in the past.
    Grow a pair already.

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