DEDICATED DRIVERS: Hot Meals Delivered On Cold Days

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Five days a week, Meals on Wheels brings hundreds of meals to the elderly or homebound in Polk County.  This blast of cold air didn't keep the program from delivering a hot plate of food in the metro.

“Yesterday was just terrible, but I still wanted to get out.  I felt like I'd feel worse if you didn't deliver someone a meal,” says WesleyLife Meals on Wheels driver Scott Omvig.

Monday through Friday, Omvig's route includes more than 30 stops in Des Moines. The program delivers between 800-900 meals a day.

“Most of the people you're seeing are glad to see you  so it's an easy job to come to,” he says.

Even in subzero temperatures, Meals on Wheels showed up at the front door of the elderly, homebound and disabled.  The only time drivers won't deliver is if the sidewalks and streets are too snow and ice-covered.  That only happened once last winter.

“They're very dependable and they always are here no matter the weather,” says Tom Borg.

Borg looks forward to his hand-delivered meals.

“I'm not much of a cook so Meals on Wheels makes sure that I have a nutritious meal once a day,” says Borg.

Dallas County meals on wheels decided it wasn't safe for its drivers to be out in the extreme wind chills yesterday.  Officials say they headed back out in the cold today.