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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Brazen Burglars A Concern

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There are still no arrests after a rash of burglaries in Des Moines’ Forestdale neighborhood.

Now, neighbors are turning to police, and each other, for help.

Police say the burglars are pros, waiting until people leave their homes, then breaking in. So far they’ve stolen everything from high end electronics and jewelry, to a refrigerator.

Tuesday night, about two dozen neighbors met with police. Investigators want folks to continue doing what they’re already doing - watching out for each other and calling police if they see anything suspicious.

"Fortunately we have a really good neighborhood that has come together and been looking out for everybody's houses, been doing the phone call tree that we do," says neighbor Sean Baginewski.

Police did charge 52-year old James Camp Senior, after they say Camp used a credit card stolen in one of the burglaries. But Camp doesn’t have much of a criminal record so investigators doubt he burglarized the homes. He is not saying where he got the credit card.

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  • Steve-in-Iowa

    Arm yourselves. The police won’t be there if you walk in on a burglar. The police won’t be there if they break in while you’re sleeping or eating dinner. Arm yourselves. Protect yourselves. The police have no duty to protect any of us, just ask the SCOTUS.

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