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BURGLARY SPATE: Police Arrest Two Brothers

Posted on: 9:59 pm, January 8, 2014, by

rejba bros

Des Moines police arrested two men Wednesday who may be responsible for a string of carefully planned burglaries in the Forestdale neighborhood.

Brothers Christopher and Tracy Rejba are each charged with attempted burglary.

Police say they broke into a home Wednesday only to find the homeowner still inside, armed with a knife.

She called police and the men were arrested a few blocks away.

Police say they could be the men responsible for at least two other burglaries in the neighborhood.

In one case, burglars stole thousands of dollars in electronics and jewelry, loading them into the homeowner’s van and hauled them away.

In another case they stole the kitchen range, a refrigerator and a holiday turkey.

One of the men claims he works for a moving company on his Facebook page. That would give him access to a large truck needed to move appliances.


  • gibraltdoors says:

    Wow, what a lucky woman for these cowards to run from her home once they saw that she had a knife!

  • john says:

    better call saul!

  • dave says:

    kill them been a waste of air since they were born

  • ervserver says:

    wheres the comments from the gun nuts who claimed everyone needs assault rifles to protect themselves

  • guest says:

    Check for Urbandale burglaries too.

  • 1badMF says:

    These losers don’t know how lucky they are that they didn’t attempt this at my home. I promise you the police would be calling the coroner.

    yes, I have multiple weapons. Probably would have gotten em with my Remington 12 gauge pump, 10″ barrel if anyone is curious.

  • guest says:

    Does anyone else seem to care why one of these creeps is already out of jail, the same one that has been arrested 3 times in the last 2 months. Look how many times this guy has been arrested, at least the cops can do their job what is wrong with our court system.

    • dave says:

      Liberals, they whine about anything and everything. Just look at Detroit and Gary Indiana

    • MacKenzie says:

      Obviously “guest” the creep is out due to a thing called a bond. And you have obviously never heard of innocent until PROVEN guilty if your gonna comment on something like this it might be wise to brush up on your law knowledge!

  • CrantSuz says:

    Check out the multiple burglaries in Beaverdale.
    It’s not just Forestdale. If you look at crime mapping.com you see burglaries in those 2 neighborhoods has almost tripled, in the last 6 months.
    Watch empty houses too, because those are driveways they can park in, sneak around in backyards and get in where no one sees them.

  • MacKenzie says:

    Too funny that you “Dave” beat the crap out of Tracy already?? Would love to hear this fabricated story. You truly are the most pathetic person obviously to lie on here to strangers. You only wished you were as tough as your trying to come across on here. Sadly it will never be, so give it up! You are such a coward!

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