FAIR COMPLAINTS: Board To Revisit Ticket Proposal

After hundreds of complaints from angry fair-goers, the Iowa State Fair board may reconsider it’s decision to require people to use tickets rather than cash when patronizing vendors.

Over 1,150 Channel 13 Facebook fans weighed in with the vast majority against the proposal.

Among the many people who made the complaints heard was Governor Terry Branstad, who is a member of the board but does not attend meetings.

A spokesman for Branstad said, “It would be wise to listen to the concerns of fair-goers and Iowans before implementing such a large change in policy.”

A spokeswoman for the state fair refused to comment on camera, but released a statement that read, “The board will take Governor Branstad’s suggestions into consideration.” Adding, “The fair board has been moved by the passion of our fair-goers and their desire to preserve the traditions they embrace.”

According to the Denver Post, last year the Colorado State Fair also went to a cashless system, and lost more than $120-thousand in gate admissions. Still, the Colorado State Fair is planning to go with the cashless system again this year hoping it catches on.


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