FARM BILL: Sen. Grassley Hopeful Of Progress

Posted on: 5:13 pm, January 8, 2014, by


It appears negotiations on a five-year farm bill are making progress.

Senator Charless Grassley says the full conference committee will meet Thursday.

Among the issues the lawmakers are still debating is the food assistance program. Both sides agree there should be cuts but how much is being determined.

Grassley says lawmakers are also still discussing dairy labels, catfish farming and farm subsidies.

“I think we are going to be able to get a bill in the next few weeks in time for the new crop year without any problems,” Sen. Grassley predicted. “Now I would of said the same thing in December 2012 and I was wrong. So I’m going on the fact this year the farm bill has gotten further than any time since 2008.”

If the farm bill isn’t completed by the end of this month, the Senate may have to issue a one-month extension of the current bill to allow lawmakers more time.


  • Bart says:

    ever notice how Grassley articulates like he’s got the best “weed” on the farm ?

  • Oddly Grassley doesn’t think republican farmers should have to prove any kind of need when asking the tax payers for a hand out, nor does he think their should be any limits to the amount of welfare republican farmers can steal from the tax payers.

  • Lola says:

    How are farm subsidizes not considered entitlements that the taxpayers are paying for?

  • Bart says:

    you got it Lola.
    today’s farmer does not pull their own weight.
    instead of selling or getting a second job they rather belly ache for welfare and scam the consumer with damaging mandates and costly subsidies.

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