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FORT FRENZY: Lottery Winner’s Investment


Fort Dodge has a new place for kids to hang out. The new entertainment spot, Fort Frenzy, just opened.

The center is designed to give kids something to do.

“It’s a great place for our communities to come together, it’s a great place for families to come, for friends to come, for kids after school to come,” says Effie Hill, General Manager.

Fort Frenzy has a roller rink, cafe, games and outdoor bumper cars. It was built inside a former trucking warehouse.

One of the partners is Tim Guderian.  He and his wife Kellie won a $200 million lottery jackpot in 2006. Guderian say he wanted to invest in something to help Fort Dodge.

“When you do something like win a large lottery or something ‘ya got two choices, you can be greedy or you can give back. I chose to give back, it was a good thing for me…just to keep everything good I like to give back,” says Guderian.

This Saturday Fort Frenzy celebrates the end of the holiday season by holding a fruitcake fling. Contestants will see how far they can launch a fruitcake.

That starts at 2:00 p.m.


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