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GETTING ORGANIZED: Caucuses Set To Kick-Off

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The 2014 election cycle will kick off with the caucuses on January 21.

Party leaders say it’s the first step toward getting organized for the election ahead. Voters will gather at 500 locations around the state at 7 p.m. that Tuesday evening.

You must be a registered Democrat or Republican to participate. Officials say 17-year-olds can participate if they will turn 18 by Election Day in November.

At the caucuses activists will elect delegates to the county conventions and begin the process of drafting a state party platform.

“It’s a chance for Iowans to get together, kind of like town hall meetings, to talk about issues and have their voices be heard,” Polk County Democrats chair Tom Henderson said.

Caucus locations are more centralized this year compared to a presidential election year.

Click for information and the locations of Democrat and Republican caucuses.