HIDDEN HOTSPOTS: New Blog Shares City Attractions

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Even though it's cold outside, there are plenty of activities and places to enjoy in the metro. One group needs your help highlighting everything the city has to offer.

The decorations are down, the holidays are over, And Mary Ann Moore is writing about a hangover. She says, "It's called Christmas Hangover (No Eggnog Required)."

It's the title of her new blog, explaining how she recovered from the holidays in Des Moines. She says, "So it might be a drink at Coda, it's one of my favorites at the Renaissance Savery, dinner at Centro, and then one evening I just stopped at Chocolaterie Stam for some gelato, just to treat myself to enjoy that quiet time."

Moore is a Sales Coordinator at The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, but she recently added a new title. She says, “I'm a blogger, a Catch-tributor, that's the official name."

Eight new “catch-tributors" are now writing for the CVB's new blog CAUGHT!. Tiffany Tauscheck says, "Our goal here is to find those hidden gems, those hotspots that maybe you wouldn't think of on a normal day to go out and experience."

A new CAUGHT! post will go up every Thursday on catchdesmoines.com. Topics include ideas for families, restaurant reviews, shopping advice and even a beer blog. Tauscheck says, "We want to go behind the scenes sort of aspect of that thing to do in the city. It's something locals, visitors, anybody can take a look at and value."

The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitor's Bureau is looking for guest bloggers, so you can share what you love about the city. Tauscheck says, "We really want to ask locals to get involved because we know there are other hidden gems in the city, things to do in the city that locals would know about, and we think they should tell our visitors about it."

Anyone interested should contact the CVB, answer questions and pitch their idea of a hidden hotspot. Moore says, "Probably the worst thing you want to hear is there's nothing to do in Des Moines. There is a lot to do, so if you know it, share it."

You can find more information about being a guest blogger on catchdesmoines.com/catch-tributors.