PUBLIC HEALTH: Iowa Director Resigns

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Gov. Terry Branstad announced the resignation of Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Thursday.

Miller-Meeks, a Republican, has served as the agency`s director since Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds took office.

She previously ran twice unsuccessfully for the U.S. House in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District.

She says she will explore other opportunities outside state government after her resignation goes into effect on January 17.

“As director I think that one`s complete focus and attention should be on their job and on their duties and in order to explore the other opportunities I felt that it was best I resign,” Miller-Meeks told Channel 13.

Governor Branstad praised her work on health in Iowa.

“Mariannette has been a champion of health in Iowa, including working to promote our Healthiest Sate Initiative. Lieutenant Governor Reynolds and I thank her for her service to the people of Iowa,” Branstad said.

However, Miller-Meeks stirred controversy when she falsely claimed that Mountain Dew was the most purchased item by food stamps.

Democrats say they blame the governor for mismanaging the state. “Governor Branstad is not managing the state well and Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks is just another example of that,” Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party, Troy Price said.


  • Lou Ann

    I am a cashier at a Eastside store. I see so much abuse with food stamps. They come in and but $200.00 worth of pop at a time. Some have bought nothing but 50 to 60 dollars of junk food. One person even bought $120.00 worth of king crab. I don’t denie any one of food but come on. They even get the 5 gallon water that has a $7.00 deposit some get 3 or 4 at a time. They have been seen dumping out the water and bring in the jug for the deposit back that they did not even have to pay. Us
    If you are on food stamps I don’ t think you should be able to buy anything that has a deposit or at lease they should have to pay the deposit out of their own pocket

  • Kelly

    I also work as cashier in a grocery store and I also see so much abuse. People come in and buy food to prepare in their restaurant. I’ve had people use three EBT cards on one transaction. They buy wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cold salads and cold chicken from deli, cart loads of pop, lots of chips, snack cakes, bags and bags of candy. Our government would save so much money if they would put restrictions on what could be purchased with an EBT card. I don’t deny the need for food assistance but there needs to be some reform for only nutrient rich foods not snack foods.

    • mysttryst

      As usual with stories about FStamps we have all of the “I work at a grocery store.” or “I work at a convenience store” stories….and “I see this and I see that”…. blah blah blah.

    • Alan Winch

      Amen to that Kelly,I’m OTR and see it all over the USA.what a sham for the little boys and girls not getting there healthy food,mom or dad needs ther suger fix,what a crying sham.Alfonz/AKA Heavy Haul:-)

  • Alan Winch

    Hi Mysttryst,you must be the one I see doing just that then.foodstamps are for your kid the little ones to eat good healthy food not for your suger high ,its happening all over the USA,I’m a otr and have been everywhere in USA and stop the get something and see it and I’m not a people need a job and stop (F)n your little boys and girls and feed them good food ,you all are a joke,you will see when GOD see you when you die and get judged .brought to you by Alfonz/AKA Heavy Haul

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