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RADON MONTH: Students Get Creative Raising Awareness

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It’s Radon Month in Iowa and hundreds of students are helping raise awareness with their artistic abilities.

Around 650 students participated in a poster contest held by the American Lung Association to help raise the awareness of the health risks associated with radon gas.

You can’t taste or smell the naturally occurring gas but experts say in high doses it can cause lung cancer.

The top artists were recognized at an award ceremony at the Botanical Center Thursday.

The winners took home a cash prize and a framed copy of their poster.

A Boone 8th grader won second place. She says her design took about a week to finish and it all started with research.

“We looked it up on the computer. [We found out that] seven out of 10 homes have radon,” student Tina Gute said.

The top three posters were sent on to a national competition.