DRIVING DANGERS: Warm Days, Poor Road Conditions

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A much warmer day means road conditions are getting better, but the overnight temperatures could threaten the roads again.

A metro driving expert urged drivers to take extra caution, especially when driving on less-traveled roads.

Rod Van Wyk is President of Drive Tek, a driver education program. Van Wyk said driving with temperatures in the 30s poses its own risks.

On days like Saturday, the roads are filled with puddles in the daytime, but as the temperature drops in the evenings those puddles can freeze.

Van Wyk said whenever drivers see a reflective surface on the road they need to slow down and put more space between themselves and the other driver. He said this means the road has either ice or water on it and both can cause your car to slide.

Van Wyk said safe driving is based on three things: the environment, the vehicle and who's driving. He says you can’t control your driving environment and you have some control over the condition your vehicle is in. But you have complete control over how you choose to handle the other two factors.