HELP ENROLLING: Health Care Deadline Approaching

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Americans have until March 31 to apply for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act to avoid paying a penalty.

If that deadline was Saturday, Polk County health officials estimate between 40- and 50,000-people in the county would have to pay the penalty.

With a little help, nearly 100 Iowans got a start enrolling for healthcare.

"There is a significant number of people from our population that could benefit from this opportunity,” said Rick Kozin, Director of the Polk County Health Department.

Dozens of volunteers gathered at the Evelyn K. Davis Center for working families to help a wide variety of people get enrolled.

Some coming in had never been insured or even seen, but were well aware of the benefits of having coverage.

"People without health insurance tend to delay getting care until they are sicker,” Kozin said.

Others, like Todd Warren, recently had their policies canceled.

Warren tried enrolling at home but ran into the same glitches that plagued thousands when the website launched.

"I tried online at home and it said it could not confirm my ID so I came down here to try and fix that,” said Warren.

Some enrolling walked out the door with insurance they hadn't been able to afford in the past.

Unfortunately for Warren, he wasn't one of them.

"It's not going to save me money. The care I had before was pretty cheap and affordable,” Warren said.

Despite the cost, Warren feels it’s worth having.

"I need healthcare and I need to be covered. I can't pay a penalty,” said Warren.

With the turnout Saturday, Polk County health officials plan on hosting future health care enrollment events.


  • George W Bush

    Any of you Obama voters getting buyers remorse now?

    Did any of you actually think he could pay for all these entitlements and wealth redistribution by just taking more money from the “rich?”

  • Ishmale Whale

    It is NOT affordable! It costs more than what we had! Why does my wife, who has had an hysterectomy, have to purchase a plan that includes birth control. OBGYN and child related coverage? She has no kids and can no longer have them. High policy costs with high deductibles. Why pay for insurance that pays for nothing until you pass the out of pocket of 5K+? It was cheaper to pay out of pocket for services when needed and not have a monthly payment for something that does nothing than take our money.

  • William

    Hey Ishmale. Your not alone. My family policy was cancelled because of the ACA. But now I have coverage for birth control, maternity, alcohol and drug abuse, children to age 26.

    The twist…..I have to have this coverge although my wife has had a tubal, my children are independent and neither my wife or I do drugs or drink alcohol.

    My premium has went up 48% and we have higher co-pays and deductibles.

    Theres no question we responsible citizens are paying for those who choose not to work.

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