CLEVER THIEVES: Recent Burglaries Could Be Related

Des Moines Police said they believe six recent burglaries could all be related by an elaborate scheme devised by crooks.

The Des Moines Police Department said they think crooks broke into vehicles and then stole information off vehicle registrations and garage door openers; using them to then break into people’s homes.

Burglars broke into Jill Purcell’s home and stole electronics, jewelry and personal items like sports memorabilia and military badges.

Police say the victims’ cars were targeted because their garage door openers were visible.

The break-ins happened over the past two weekends at two parking lots near the Wells Fargo Arena and one at the Iowa State Fair Grounds.

“If there’s an event going on, not only do thieves know you’re not at your house right now, but they know you may be at an event that last 3 hours or longer,” said Jason Halifax of the Des Moines Police Department.

Police said you should not leave information with your home address or garage opener in your vehicle unattended but at the least don’t leave it where thieves can easily find it like in your glove compartment.


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