BUILDING IMPLOSION: City Council To Vote On Demolition Plan

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Monday night the Des Moines city council will vote on approval of an implosion that’s planned for a downtown building.

Iowa Methodist Medical Center wants to bring down its School of Nursing building at 1220 Pleasant Street. Officials say an implosion is preferred over typical demolition because it takes less time. According to documents, the building will come down in nine seconds.

The implosion is planned for 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 16th.

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  • George Lopez

    It actually takes more time to implode a building then it does to mechanically demolish it. With a conventional demolition debris is being generated and hauled off site from Day 1. With an implosion it takes a couple of weeks to prepare the structure where no debris is being hauled away. Then it takes a couple of days to load the structure with explosives then you get all the debris on the ground all at once (hopefully) Then you have to spend weeks downsizing it to get it to where it will fit in trucks.

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