CRITTER CAMP: School Fostering Pets

The Animal Rescue League is piloting a new program called “Critter Camp” with Windsor Elementary where they foster pets in the classroom.

Fourth grade teacher Sarah Johnson says their foster pet “Winter” teaches students important life lessons like respect, responsibility, and compassion. The students are in charge of feeding and cleaning her cage.

Taking care of Winter in a classroom takes a lot of discipline, since the students aren`t allowed to pet her without miss Johnson’s permission.

They`re still getting to know their new friend, but students say she already feels like family. Student Training Tarlue says, “She`s like a pet you can love. Like she`s sweet adorable. Like she`s like always there for you.”

The class is blogging about their experience in the hopes of helping find these animals a new home. To learn more about the animals and adoption click here.


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