HOMELESS HELP: Restaurant Offering Free Pizza

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A Des Moines pizzeria owner has a unique problem – not enough people are eating at his restaurant for free.

Derrick Walton is the new owner of Rock Power Pizza on Southwest 9th Street.

On Monday’s he’s closing the restaurant to the public so he can serve up free pizza to the homeless.

This evening was the first night of the campaign but he only had a few takers.

He’s hoping the word spreads and the restaurant fills up so he can repay a promise he made to himself.

“Years ago when I found myself in a tight, I looked for people for help and I didn’t get that help. So I told myself if I got in a position to help, I would do that, so that’s what inspired me,” Walton said.

The free pizza is served up from 5-7 p.m. or as late as he needs to stay open to feed the needy.