IOWA POLITICS: Political Aspirations, Issues And Scandals

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The gas tax could be one of the things Iowa legislators discuss in the upcoming session.

Lawmakers will get back to business on Monday for the first session of 2014.  Legislators will likely use the session to discuss raising the minimum wage, expanding access to broadband and education reform.

Lawmakers running for reelection are likely hoping to avoid the scandal plaguing one of the most talked about presidential candidates for 2016.  There will be a continued conversation about what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did and did not know about the political retribution in what is now being called Bridge-Gate.

Republican Jeff Boeyink said he thinks Christie’s 2016 presidential chances could hinge on the damaging information coming out showing Christie’s involvement in the scandal.


  • William Denison

    Christie broke the law and should be impeached and then jailed. This guy is as phony as Terry Braindead.

  • Marie Catlover

    Not sure exactly what Christie knows or not, but Terry Branstad definitely knows he invented a scandal here in Iowa in regard to the Iowa Juvenile Home. Although there were some things that possibly were in need of review including some outdated rules, it was no where near as bad as Branstad and his phony taskforce claims. His claims of improper restraints and the isolation rooms being child abuse are simply NOT TRUE! Those isolation rooms were not being abused, and the kids put in those rooms were there to prevent them from hurting themselves and others. Terry Branstad and his task force fabricated information, presented this information to the media and the public was led to believe the facility was a torture chamber and a source of child abuse! Then he decided his plan was carried out enough to be able to finish his mission and close down the facility immediately without giving anybody a chance to work with him to change anything! He just shut the place down with LIES, SLANDER and the corruption that makes him one of the nation’s most dishonest and hated governors of all times! His followers/supports are brainwashed fools and/or people with monetary advantages to themselves in supporting a crook!

    Branstad is anti-union and a partner with corrupt Alec and the Koch Brothers. HE’s a greedy bastard, a homophobe, fake christian, hypocrite, bigot and sets out to have HIS way regardless of anybody else’s feelings. That is NOT being a paid public servant. That is being a dictator – not what he was elected to do. Why do Iowans keep voting in this MONSTER over and over?? Hopefully this won’t happen again so that this time next year we will be welcoming a NEW and honest Governor.

    The Juvenile Home has been helping troubled youth for over 90 years. Why stop now?? He’s been presented with thousands of opinions against his decision and MANY success stories. HE’s also been presented with a lawsuit due to his overstepping his authority in the closing of the facility that was funded thru June 2015. That funding was approved by the Legislature and signed by Branstad. How does he think that HE has the authority to just close the facility on the basis of “Because I say so”???

    Branstad claims to care about the troubled youth, but that just isn’t so! He cared about his own troubled son with alcohol problems who killed 2 people with his car in the 1990’s, but now when it’s other folk’s troubled kids, they get the middle finger from this hypocrite! He hasn’t had the decency to come to the Juvenile Home to visit with the employees about his decision and/or to listen to their views. He made up his mind what HE wanted and sent others to do his dirty work for him – and DIRTY it is!!

    He has broken the hearts of MANY with this decision to close this fine facility in Toledo, Iowa. This includes past and what was present residents there and their families, employees and their families and the citizens of Toledo, Iowa whose community will be hurt financially. The employees were open to suggestions and changes at the home, but Branstad didn’t give them or the facility a chance. He just screwed everybody by underhandedly closing down the facility which takes effect later this week. So instead of creating jobs in Iowa like he promised, here’s around 100 people he’s stolen their jobs from.

    The troubled youth were very upset in learning the news the Juvenile Home was closing. Some cried, some ran away, some started with behaviors that had stopped since coming to the Juvenile Home like harming themselves At least one young person had a MAJOR seizure after being pressured with questions from one of the task force people sent there to do Branstad’s dirty work and get the answers he wanted/needed to close the facility. It was never about actually helping the facility. Branstand ALWAYS wanted it closed and is now gloating as he watches his mission be completed —without any concern about what he’s done to fellow Iowans!!

    Some of the youth are being sent to facilities that aren’t equipped to take care of these young people. Violent people do not belong with people in mental facilities that are there to get well. They do not deserve to have new people come to their facility and start physically attacking them. This information was given to me by a Dr. of Psychology! Also, what happens when the remaining facilities are FULL and more kids come through the juvenile court system? Where do we put them? It is NOT fair to send these young people out of state where it’s farther for their families to come and visit them. Visitation with family is part of their rehabilitation!

    What about the buildings in Toledo? Millions of taxpayer money was spent recently to remodel the facility including brand new isolation rooms that have helped so many troubled kids! If Terry Branstad has taken the time and care to read the success stories, he would know that those rooms were actually beneficial!! How dishonest it is for him and the Des Moines Register to report this as just the opposite to get people to take the governor’s crooked side!

    Since it doesn’t look like the closure is going to be stopped – (although we have seen many last minute decisions in national government), there is always a possibility that the Iowa Legislature and/or the Polk County Court could and definitely SHOULD rule that Governor Branstad was and IS in the wrong for the illegal closing of the Iowa Juvenile Home. This should mean that if the closure can’t be stopped the reopening of the facility can and should occur! This would make this right for MANY and many people would be very happy – including the troubled youth that Branstad CLAIMS to care about! This would also give Terry Branstad a much needed message that he does NOT OWN THE STATE OF IOWA!! HE IS NOT A DICTATOR and Iowans pay his wages which he gets in addition to retirement funds. That means 2 paychecks for him while he strips others of theirs!

    If anybody is guilty of child abuse, its Iowa Governor Branstad for depriving young people of the services they now won’t be getting from the dedicated and trained staff at the Iowa Juvenile Home he is so senselessly and ridiculously closing this week! He is really stabbing a fine group of employees in the back with taking their jobs away. These dedicated people do not deserve to be victims of a corrupt governor’s agenda!!

    Since Terry Branstad won’t listen to Iowans now, please make him listen later this year by joining the thousands of Iowa Juvenile Home supporters who will be working tirelessly to give him the pink slip he deserves at the polls later this year. These people WILL NOT give up spreading the message about this much needed facility, the success stories that have come from 90+ years of it’s operation, the young people that have been hurt these past few weeks, the trained and dedicated employees that have been tossed aside like rubbish and making sure Iowans know the truth about the Iowa Juvenile Home closure and the dishonesty of Iowa’s too many times governor.

    Please support The Iowa Juvenile Home and Vote AGAINST CORRUPT Terry Branstad in November 2014!!

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