POTHOLE PATCHING: Crews Respond To Complaints

The blast of cold followed by the weekend thaw made for some messy conditions in Des Moines.  Crews spent the day dealing with bumpy and wet streets.

This time of year, when they aren’t plowing, you’ll often find Public Works crews patching.

“In between snow storms, we address all the pothole complaints that we’ve received and then we just do routine patching where we drive the main streets of the town and try to find any potholes that people haven’t called in yet,” says Sara Thies, Des Moines Public Works Street Maintenance Administrator.

Over the weekend, the city received nine pothole complaints.

“This one over here has gotten bad.  They had fixed it and it’s gotten bad, they fixed it and it’s still getting bad,” says Mary Wills of Des Moines.

The city used a cold mix asphalt to fill in the cracked pavement on her street.  She says it can be a bumpy ride in her neighborhood.

“We have a lot of potholes around,” says Wills.

New cracks and crevices from every time there’s a swing in the temperature.

“It’s the multiple repetitions of freezing and thawing that cause the potholes to form,” says Thies.

Des Moines Public Works has a 1,000 ton supply of cold asphalt on hand to use this winter.   You can report a pothole by calling Public Works at 283-4950 or fill out a form online at dmgov.org.

Street crews weren’t the only ones out cleaning up from the cold.  Des Moines Waters Works responded to two water main breaks today bringing the total to 50 in less than two weeks.

The break in the 4400 block of SE 5th sent water shooting out into the street.  Officials say it looks like they’re seeing the tail end of the breaks from the cold and frost.


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