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VICIOUS DOG: Hearing On West Des Moines Pet

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West Des Moines’ city council will discuss how to handle a hearing on a vicious dog at its meeting Monday night.

Late last year animal control officer deemed a pit bull-boxer mix from the Valley Junction area as vicious. Officials say it bit four people and all the bites were unprovoked.

The family is appealing the decision in hopes of getting their dog, named Killer, back. The dog is currently being quarantined at the West Des Moines Animal Control facility.

The family that owns the dog is expected to attend a hearing in front of the city council on January 21st.

If the family’s appeal is unsuccessful the dog will be euthanized.

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  • Carrie

    1st problem with this dog- he’s not neutered. 2nd he’s left out side to his own devices. Pitbulls( all bully breeds for that matter) can be amazing dogs, however one cannot forget the immense power these dogs possess. I’ve worked doggie daycare and as a trainer. The biggest problem I found with pits/rotts/etc. is people don’t want to take the time to work with their animal. These dogs can be very strong willed and if you don’t stay on top of them you will have problems. In my opinion, no dog should be left outside for ” extended periods of time” as Killers owners did. I am all for rehabilitation but in this case it maybe best for him to be put down. Bully breeds are not for everyone, and unfortunately for Killer his owners had no business having one and he may end up paying the price for their inadequate care.

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