DES MOINES: How Washington Does It

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  • Located just south of Seattle on the Puget Sound is Des Moines, Washington

  • The town of 30,000 was set up in 1887 by a Des Moines, IA native, F.A. Blasher. Photo by Joe Mabel

  • Unlike our city, their weather provides mild seasons with occasional snow and temperatures rarely exceeding 90 degrees. Photo by Joe Mabel

  • Maybe they're still showing The Field of Dreams? Photo by Joe Mabel

  • Life's a beach in Des Moines. Photo by Joe Mabel

  • It's over 900 miles to the nearest beach from Des Moines, IA. It's less than 900 meters in Des Moines, WA. Photo by Vicki Suzan

  • The two Des Moines are 1,700 miles apart and would take around 26 hours to drive between the two. Photo Joe Mabel

  • Or you could fly. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 4 miles away. Courtesy Michael B/Flickr

  • Too much water? How about the desert? There’s a Des Moines in New Mexico too. Although you may be lonely with just 140 neighbors.

Ever wondered what life would be like if Des Moines was by the ocean?

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