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COURTS’ CONDITION: State Of The Judiciary


The chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court says the state’s judicial system is improving.

Mark Cady gave his State of the Judiciary address to lawmakers Wednesday.

Among the improvements: the courts added 13 juvenile court officers, opened every county courthouse full-time, and took steps toward becoming a paperless court system.

This year, Cady says the court will work to eliminate unnecessary delays. He says the court along with law enforcement, schools and others must also find a solution to eliminate racial disparity in the criminal justice system. The chief justice says with team work, these goals can be achieved.

“As my mom would remind me, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ We have both, and by working together, our state will shine as bright as the gold dome of this magnificent building, and we will be the best,” says Cady.

If the legislature approved the full budget requested by the Judicial Branch it would be a 3.7-percent increase from last year’s budget.

You can read the entire State of the Judiciary address here.


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