AGRIBUSINESS: Breakthrough In Farm Bill

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A farm bill breakthrough this week could put a final bill on the House floor the last week of the month.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal gave details on the Senate floor, he says he wants the farm bill conferee agreement to truly serve milk producers in the U.S.

The agreement would keep the margin insurance program, remove the dairy market stabilization program, and revive the milk program.

The main holding points this month are House Ag Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson's Provisions for dairy supply management. House Speaker John Boehner says the conference report will not come to the floor with those provisions.

Peterson says he has not agreed to anything at this point, and while the proposed concept looks to move in the right direction, he says there is still a lot to work out.

After next week’s recess, Congress will only have three days to complete a farm bill this month.