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CHILD ONBOARD: 13Raw Video Of 100MPH Chase

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The Iowa State Patrol has released video of a high speed chase from earlier this week.

The pursuit happened Tuesday and lasted more than 30 miles. It started in Des Moines and ended on Interstate 35 in Ames with speeds of up to 90-100mph.

The State Patrol used stop sticks to pull the SUV south of Ames. The tires gave out north of the Highway 30 interchange.

The driver, Thomas Davis, eventually stopped driving and gave himself in.

There were two other people in the car including a child.

Authorities say Davis is charged with child endangerment, eluding and interference.


  • Dee Strickler Witte

    Shame on you! I know this little boy in this video he lives in another county with his mother. He was completely traumatized by what happened in this video. Worst part was he was able to relive this moment of his life when he saw it on the news. I understand you need and want ratings but praying on a childs emotions is just a shame. This was my favorite station and has been for over 25 years. You guys need to think before putting a child on the air like this you have no idea what this did to him today….you really don’t!

  • blame in wrong place

    Blame the news for airing? Blame the moron behind the wheel! I never understand why these idiots think they will actually get away! All they do is put every one in harms way while wracking up more charges than had they just pulled over in the first place. Here’s a thought…obey the law or go to jail.

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