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CLEANING UP: Tow Crews Busy After Rush Hour Snow

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On Thursday, the metro saw dozens of crashes, thanks to a rush hour blizzard. On Friday, it was time to clean up the mess.

"It's been rough. All night long. Trucks, trailers, cars; you name it, everywhere. It was just a nightmare."

John Malloy of Hanifen towing lost track of how many trucks he's pulled out of the ditches Friday.

Many of them were on the interstate near Waukee. A tractor trailer losing control caused a chain reaction involving about 25-cars and trucks.

Malloy and his co-workers spent much of the day pulling cars and trucks out of that wreckage. "I'm beat," Malloy says. "We're all beat. Most of us have been out a long time so we started this morning at seven o'clock and been going hard ever since. So yeah, we're ready for a day off."

The State Patrol still hasn't tallied all the accidents, there are just too many.

"In 24 years of law enforcement this is probably the worst I've ever seen," says Sergeant Scott Bright with the Iowa State Patrol. "I've seen snowstorms like this before but it came at the wrong time. It came at rush hour traffic. We had a concert here in Des Moines, people were trying to get to Wells Fargo Arena and it just came at the wrong time."

While the State Patrol says most of the crashes were caused by the slick roads, troopers say many of the accidents could have been avoided if motorists simply slowed down.

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