JUVENILE HOME: Three Youths In Temporary Shelters

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Iowa Juvenile Home (WHO-HD)

It has been more than 48 hours since the Iowa Juvenile Home closed and residents sent to new facilities.

But for some, their new homes are only temporary.

Officials with the Department of Human Services say three youths out of the 46 removed do not have a permanent place to stay.

They have been sent to temporary emergency shelters instead.

Two of the girls have been in temporary homes for 11 weeks, while the other one has been there for two and half weeks.

A counselor with DHS says officials need to find a permanent home soon because it’s important for these youths to have consistency in their lives.

“We find that kids can struggle with forming healthy relationships if they’ve moved all over the place. They struggle with their academics, struggle with their self-worth and trust of adults, just because at this point they are moved around,” Rick Vanenga of Families First Counseling Services explained to KWWL.

Employees from Toledo are scheduled to meet with the legislature next week on re-opening the facility.