NEW DRUG: Dogs Can Be Neutered By Injection

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A new FDA approved drug has arrived in Des Moines and it will make the neutering process easier for dogs.

It’s called Zeuterine and it has recently been put on the market.

Male dogs are injected with the drug to become sterilized without having to be put under for surgery.

On Saturday, Furry Friends Refuge will hold a clinic for 50 pre-approved dogs.

It’s the first time the drug has been offered in Iowa.

The shelter says this drug is a more cost effective than the traditional procedure.

“We are very excited about it because a major component of being able to continue the no-kill-community that we’ve built in West Des Moines, Clive and Urbandale is that we continue to provide services for people to ensure these animals do get spayed and neutered,” Britt Gagne said. “Being able to provide that more effectively frees up a lot of resources for other things the animals may need.”

The drug has been through FDA trials and is being used in multiple other states.

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  • Cori P.

    I think this will be great for many male dogs, but I still wonder about it’s effects on testosterone production. If some males smell a female in heat, they will try to get to her. And there’s still the higher risk of testicular cancer since they haven’t been removed. I’d say if money is tight, go with the injection. If not, use the old practice for long-term health. That’s my theory anyway

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