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SCARY ORDEAL: Crash Victim Uses Fire To Get Help

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On Wednesday night, Timothy McCollum of Thurman was driving on a rural road near Malvern in Mills County.

His car went off the road, went under a bridge and out of sight.

McCollum managed to get out of his crumpled car. But due to his injuries, he couldn’t make it up the embankment to the road.

So he lit a fire to catch someone’s attention.

And it worked.

Angie Alley saw it and found McCollum clinging to his life.

“He said he needed help. I said, ‘are you hurt?’ and he said ‘yes,’ that he thought he had two broken ankles, and he was very cold. He thought he had hypothermia,” Good Samaritan, Angie Alley recalled to WOWT.

Alley gave him a coat and blanket to stay warm until help arrived.

A medical helicopter took McCollum to the hospital where he is making a recovery.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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