SLICK ROADS: Cars Struggle In The Snow

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High wind speeds, poor visibility, and slippery roads - storms like the one we had Thursday are the reason Anthony Wall bought his car, Big Bertha.

Wahl says, “She`s four wheel drive and she has traction control and everything you know.”

The storm may be over but drivers are still dealing with the mess it left behind.

Phil Roeder says two Des Moines Public School buses dropped students off nearly 4 hours late from after school activities. Roeder says, “Both of those buses had their worst problems on the same street which was 63rd street.”

Even Friday afternoon, drivers struggled on the slick street.

Wahl says the smaller cars slid the most, which is why he bought a big car, "It`s probably the biggest car I`ve ever had. Just four-wheel drive like I said. She`s fully loaded.'

But in the end, Big Bertha also lost her battle along the road and slid into another car damaging the front bumper.