LEGO LEAGUE: Teams Compete In Statewide Challenge

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Nearly 700 kids competed on Saturday for the inspiration and recognition of science and technology Lego League Championship.

Kids from 9-to 12-years-old in the competition spent the last four months working on their robots.

During the robot challenge, teams have 2.5 minutes to complete as many challenges on the natural disaster board.

In addition to the robotics challenge, teams must also present an innovative solution relating to the year’s theme, Nature’s Fury.

“They’re exceptionally bright. They’re very creative.  They’re young innovators but they’re innovating things right now.  Which if you think of that opportunity when you were nine or I was nine, it’s really impressive,” said Camille Sloanschroeder, K-12 Community Outreach.

The competition started 12 years ago with just four teams.  There are now more than 400 teams in Iowa.

Past winners have gone on to compete in post-season tournaments globally.  In 2011, a team from Ames called the Flying Monkeys won $20,000 after beating nearly 200 other teams from around the world.