NEW DRUG: A Shot Can Now Neuter Some Dogs

A new drug could change how you neuter your dog.

The FDA recently approved Zeuterin, which allows male dogs to be neutered with a simple shot, instead of going under the knife.

On Saturday, Furry Friends Refuge in Des Moines hosted the state’s first clinic on the drug.  They neutered 50 pre-approved dogs at the clinic.

Officials said the injection is more affordable option for pet owners and is significantly safer for the dogs.

“It’s definitely a safer way, just from the physical standpoint because they don’t have to go through anesthesia,” said Veterinarian Dr. Byron Maas.

We are recommending they get a light sedation but because they don’t have the anesthesia the risks of anesthesia aren’t there,” he said.

Under the FDA rules for Zeuterin, only dogs that are between three-and 10-months-old are approved for the shot.


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