BRANSTAD VISITS: Final Day Of Reelection Bid Tour

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Governor Branstad wrapped up his four-day tour to announce his reelection bid.

His final stop on the Building Iowa’s Future tour brought the governor to Sioux City on Saturday.  There he spoke to a crowd at McCarthy and Bailey’s Irish Pub about his agenda during the legislative session.

He told the crowd that his top priorities for the legislative session were to reduce cyber bullying and work toward a tuition freeze at Iowa’s three public universities.

“We balanced our budget and we’re focusing on things that can get bipartisan support,” said Governor Branstad.

“I’m very hopeful we can have a productive session,” he said.

Branstad is already Iowa’s longest serving governor.  But instead of retiring and passing the torch to Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, he said they work better as a team.

“We’ve been working together for the past three years and we’ve really turned things around.  We inherited a financial mess.  Iowa now has a cash reserve,” he said.

Hear the Gov. Branstad’s argument for why he should be reelected and more when he and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds sit down on Channel 13’s The Insiders Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.


  • beach body

    Any person who stops a child from getting a med that can save thier life will never get my vote. Its about Karma.

  • One Voice

    Any person who veto’s the retirement of the men and women who protect him day in and day out, will not get my vote. As a republican, it’s sad, but I’ll be voting for a democrat!

  • beach body

    Any Person who would rather burn corn then use it to feed livesstock driving up the cost of meat and then sells even more meat to China driving up the cost even more making harder for people to feed thier familys here in Iowa does not get my vote. I’m a independent

  • William Denison

    Any person who puts the lives of others at risk like Time Bomb Terry does when hes racing around our highways at almost twice the legal speed limits. You would think he would had learned from what his son did not to speed and drive reckless.Hes thinks hes above the law.Hes a bully governor and won’t be getting my vote.

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